Exel Composites has supplied hundreds of special shapes for leading transportation customers across the world.

Outer panels

Composites enable significant weight savings in rolling stock applications, they enable complex shapes in design and low maintenance costs. All these features have a great effect on energy consumption and total costs.Composite materials give full freedom to engineers to bring their concepts into practise. Large side panels combining constant quality and strength can be pultruded.

Composite profiles on the outer body can be over a metre wide, with integrated design and functional elements. These parts are typically adhesively bonded to the steel frame of the train and painted together with the rest of the body. Although proper surface preparation is always a prerequisite, bonding and painting is straightforward.

Train and tram interiors

Based upon the previously mentioned features and superior shape capacities compared to other materials, train interior systems can be re-designed towards lower weight and lower total cost.

With composite profiles it is possible to achieve an optimum combination of large complex shape with thin enough walls for weight saving, excellent surface quality for overall appearance, and adequate fire performance for passenger safety. The thermal insulation properties also give benefits in air conditioning ducts or heating channels.

  • Longer life - maintenance free
  • Low weight - lower energy consumption
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical insulation