Renewable Energy

Wind Energy

As commercial wind turbine blades continue to increase in size the necessity to decrease weight, whilst increasing stiffness, becomes vitally important. The use of pultruded components to solve this problem is becoming more and more prevalent with Exel manufacturing profiles combining glass and carbon fibre (unidirectional, mats, fabrics etc) with polyester, vinylester & epoxy resin systems to meet specific design criteria.

Within the blades there are various applications other than mentioned those above where glass fibre pultrusions offer an effective solution.

For small domestic wind turbine blades pultrusions can be produced as a ready made aerofoil section or supplied in a variety of profiles for internal reinforcement.

Solar Energy

The use of pultruded glass fibre profiles in Solar Panels provide many advantages over conventional materials. Dimensionally stable over a wide temperature range, they act as a thermal insulator, are weather proof, UV stabilized and offer low maintenance.

Wave Energy

A number of projects are underway to harness the power of waves and tidal flows to provide energy, and in this area the use of composites can have many advantages. Their anti-corrosive properties combined with lightweight, strength and stiffness offer a cost effective, low maintenance solution.